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Sl. No. Activities Description Objective  Outcome
1 Career Talk
with Industry Professionals
One or two  renowned industry professional collaborating with students To empower young potential minds in IT Share industry related experience and cutting edge technologies with students  
2 Project/Prototype Demonstration Development of product/prototype  using latest technologies To create opportunity for innovative ideas transformations Encourage students to learn to design and develop their ideas through prototyping or  a finished product
3 Session with Successful Alumni  One or Two Alumni To integrate Daffodil family for industry-academia connect Create network between alumni and students to discuss on future trend in the job market
4 Workshop/Seminars
With Industry Professionals
Workshop/Seminar will be taken by expertise in technological fields To integrate Daffodil family for industry-academia connect Discussion on acquiring knowledge of  technical as well as soft skills to create viable projects in the market place
5 Academic  Student Engagement In house software development products through students involvement To achieve IT service and product development Students will have the opportunity to participate in software development during their academic years
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