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About Carnival

ICT itself is in the craziest ride in terms of its fast development. A huge number of our young population is the passengers who are taking different benefits considering the latest trend and whatever opportunities are coming before them. In most cases, the talents are not explored for the absence of focus, exposure, link with industries. On the other hand, Industries don’t also get right talents which they need. To bridge between these two points and to showcase the products/services, Daffodil Family is going to organizing the ICT Carnival.
The objective of the festival is to bring all the talents, industry and opportunity on the same platform so that it gets success in true form. The event has been designed in such a way so that it gets a real festival mode. There are competitions, project showcase, counseling and mentoring, fun events, learning opportunity, networking scope and many more so that every moment of the fest can be enjoyed and utilized with adding value. The host is planning to organize it in an innovative, effective and broader way to bring the best outcome from it.

About the Event:

  1. Name of the event: “Daffodil ICT Carnival”
  2. Duration: 3 Days
  3. Date: 11th-13th February 2018
  4. Venue: DIU Permanent Campus
  5. Objectives:
    • To make a gradual change of course curriculum for adaptability
    • To set example and way out for students how to learn by doing
    • To show the strength of Daffodil in Technology
    • To develop system through mentorship to ensure job
    • To enhance employability of the participants
    • To disseminate management’s vision among the students
    • To groom up students in a smart way
    • To generate and execute innovative ideas from the participants
    • To create some unique models by the participants
    • To make it a habit of a regular event of the respective departments
    • To make an innovative learning platform for both teachers & students
    1. Target Group:
      Students of CSE, CIS, MCT, SWE, Computer Technology under DIU &
      Students of DEN Concerns
      Faculty members of concerned departments
    2. Program Includes:
ICT Fair workshops Competitions
Interactive Sessions Project Stalls Quizzes
Discussion Fun Games workshop
Prototypes Projects Movie & Drama
Participatory sessions Seminar Symposium
career Talk Business Idea Challenge Hackathon
Programming Contest    
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