Phases Deadline Details Responsible Person/Team
P 1 –  Department/Institute prepare event plan including projects and contest which covers key objectives By 30 Jan 2019 All concern head will prepare event plan and project team based on Daffodil Family needs shown in section A above. The team and supervisor will be connected to specific family member for specific software solution. The department plan must include teaching video creation by student contest and innovative idea contest to contribute for the Daffodil family. All plans must be executed within 1st week of March 2019
All plan must be uploaded at the Carnival portal and campaign to all students.
Concern heads
P 2 – Execution of event plan 1st March 2019 All the department will announce respective winners and continue of the projects and innovative idea contest All related Department
P 3 – Project and Innovation for Family members 18 March 2019 All Heads finalize project and other requirements with Daffodil family. Requirements are finalized. Concern heads
P 4 – Presentation on Project and Idea 23rd  March 2019 Presentation of concept and proposal in presence of respective stakeholders All related Heads
P 5 – Development and Testing of Solution 20th April 2019 Team develop, implement and test the proposed solution and test with the stakeholders All related Heads
P 6 – Showcase of Solution for feedback 4th May 2019 All developed solution is called for showcase to gather further feedback for improvements All related heads
Another 2 weeks for finalizing the Project
P 7 – ICT Carnival 2019 (Project Showcase Permanent Campus and award night) 24-25  May 2019 All Team will showcase their projects and Judges will mark the project Management & Judges

Selected Projects of ICT Carnival 2019 will contain and will handover following things:

  • Software database & Code Structure
  • Software Architecture & API
  • Professional Proposal Format
  • SRS and other related documentation
  • Presentation
  • Project Promo video, Video User Manual & Guideline
  • Etc.

N.B.: Each department will do this job by their own and after screening the projects the project details will be given to the committee including Project Coordinators.