Overall Plan

Planning & Timeline of ICT Carnival 2019
Season 02

ICT Carnival 2019 – Season 02 in Daffodil will be held at Green Campus of Daffodil International University situated at Ashulia.


Sub Phase


Work plan / Details

Responsible Person/Team

Phase 01


Preparation for Project Fair

●       Course Project(DF)

●       Individual Idea

P 1.1

May - June

1.      Idea Contest ( 2nd week of May)

2.      Requirement Analysis

3.      Architecture design with DSL along with project Supervisor

4.      Update to Project Supervisor

DSL along with project Supervisor


P 1.2

June to Mid Exam

will submit before Mid Exam

1.      Demo Submission

2.      Get Project Approval

3.      Get Prepared for Final Project

P 1.3

After Mid to till Final Exam

1.      Project Documentation

2.      SRS

3.      Proposal

4.      Student & Teachers Collaboration Video

Phase 02

Semi Final &

Project Fair

●       Course Project(DF)

●       Individual Idea

P 2.1

By the  2nd week of September 2019

1.      Selection of the final Projects which will be showcase in final round of ICT Carnival 2019

Departmental Heads and DSL

P 2.2

26-27 of September 2019

1.      Organize the fair department wise

2.      Provide guidelines to the selected Projects

3.      Department will provide small souvenirs to the winners

Departmental Heads, Project Supervisors and DSL

Phase 03


Final and Award Night of ICT Carnival 2019


P 3.1

By the 3rd week of October 2019

Final Submission of -

1.      Project Documentation

2.      SRS

3.     Proposal

Project Supervisors

P 3.2

By the 31st  October 2019

Final Project handover -

1.      Software Architecture design

2.      Source Code

3.     Database design

3.     Related material

Project Supervisors and DSL

P 3.3

1st November 2019

Final Project Showcase in ICT Carnival 2019

Departments and Management Committee

P 3.4

2nd November 2019

Gala Night – all the selected projects will be awarded

Departments and Management Committee


  1. To enable our students to work with professionals on real life market viable projects
  2. To create a bridge between students, teachers and professionals
  3. To engage teachers and admins in digital transformations through projects and events
  4. To create cooperation between DSL, Teachers and students of DIU


  1. Creating Market Viable projects
  2. Training students with real life projects
  3. Preparing students for the future job market
  4. Assembling Modules for DSL


All the selected projects in semi final  must have to submit through Online project submission platform.