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ICT Carnival 2019
Action Item of Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology
Activity Name Involvement of The Group of People Date
Announcement of ICT Carnival to all Students, Official Stuffs and Faculty Members of DIU MCT 2nd February, 2019
Meeting between DIU MCT and Daffodil Family Concerns DIU MCT ; Daffodil Family Concerns 17th February, 2019
Idea Submission by Students Through Presentation
(AR/VR; Game project & Branding for Daffodil Family Concerns)
DIU Faculty Members & Students 24th February, 2019
Company Visit for Data Acquisition by Students DIU MCT Students & Daffodil Family Concerns Within 1 Week After Idea Submission
Project Development Progress Follow-up DIU Faculty Members & Students 20th March, 2019
Feedback Sharing from Daffodil Family Concerns to DIU MCT 1st April, 2019
Final Project Showcasing   As per ICT Carnival Schedule

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