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ICT Carnival 2019
Action Item of Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Event Name Date Sub Committee
Lecture from Industry/ Academia 23/02/2019 SRH, SAB, SR, MTH, EK, AM
Programming Contest (Take off) ANM, AR, MJA, FA, TRA, IJN
Googling Contest 24/2/2019 ZH, MAH, THT, AAK, DG
Lecture video from teachers by students 21/03/2019 (Last submission date) MIJ, NRC, MAS
Idea Contest (Theme: "Help Daffodil Family") 28/02/2019 (Session-1) MR, NR, DMR,NN,MJM,SM, MSN, SHK
14/03/2019 (Session-2)
Tech fashion show 02/04/2019 HH, RUH, ATM, MMM, TA, ASMFH, MRN, RIR
Project Exhibition As per the Carnival calendar   
Google Site Preparation: MMR-C, SZ, MBS, SAB, SMSH, MSN, AAM (Team Leader)
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